Introducing FaceMask!

FaceMask is a Chrome extension that provides you with the ability to overlay privacy and security on to your existing Facebook experience. Messages posted using FaceMask will be cryptographically protected from spying agecies like FaceBook and the US Government.

FaceMask just announced our open beta so download the Chrome extension and start taking your privacy back!

Chrome Extension

FaceMask is currently an extension for the Chrome browser. Check the FAQ for more information on other browsers and platforms.

A mobile version is on the roadmap. Please become a Dissident supporter today to help us afford more development!

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Privacy Policy

Google initially banned our extension from their store because they wanted us to have a privacy policy posted even though we dont store any of your private data! So here it is front and center so they cannot miss it! lol

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Dissident Status

We are spinning up new infrastructure now to support advanced features like encrypted images and maybe even file sharing in the future.

To afford this infrastructure and fund future development we are offering special access to some of these features to those that we like to call Dissidents!

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About FaceMask

FaceMask is a new toolset created to allow people to begin taking back some of their social media privacy online by making it simple to encrypt all of your Facebook posts so that only those you select can read them.

Facebook and these other social media companies have shown us over time that they cannot be trusted to protect our precious data. They sell it to the highest bidder, they lose it, and they also work very closely with governments and law enforcement in ways that many people believe to be intrusive, abusive, and immoral.

FaceMask is a Chrome extension, currently in public beta, that allows you, with very little extra effort, to prevent all unwanted third parties, from the large social media corporations, to evil governments, their law enforcers and spy organizations, down to the individual creeps and stalkers out there, from being able to see our life stories that we want to share only with our friends and family online.

These companies should be providing end to end encryption by default to their users. A responsible non-evil company would design their service this way from the beginning. Because they refuse to Patrick Smith of FaceMask InfoSec says, “…we must innovate around them to take our privacy back. We have waited on these companies and governments to be responsible on their own long enough. They have made their decision.”

FaceMask allows to you continue using Facebook while also maintaining control over your own data. When you create a new post on your wall or a friends wall you can opt to use the FaceMask button to compose your message. Doing so allows you to select those friends, who also have FaceMask installed, that you want to be able to read your message. Those your message was not meant for are left seeing something like that shown in the image below.

Facebook groups can also register with FaceMask… Doing so allows all communications on the groups page to be automatically encrypted, making them safer and extra useful for certain groups of people needing actual privacy that Facebook itself should have afforded them. Facebook groups such as victim support groups, activists, or just people that like to maintain control over their own communications.

Having already improved upon Facebooks built in posting by giving you the ability to use markdown tags to format your posts; soon FaceMask will be implementing encrypted images and other advanced features for those that wish to donate to support the project. A mobile version is also on the roadmap.

You can find FaceMask in the Google Chrome Web Store. Here are some helpful links to various resources:

Chrome Extension: Google Chrome Web Store Link
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:
Discord Invite Link: FaceMask Discord Server

FaskMask Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Not yet. A mobile version is much more difficult to create. We plan on working on that in the near future we just didnt want to wait for that before releasing the Chrome extension.
Answer: No. We spent quite a lot of time attempting to convert the extension to work in FireFox but unfortunately they have some outstanding problems that were reported over two years ago that they have to resolve before FaceMask will function on that browser. We tried... We really did. :(

FireFox Bug #1267027
FireFox Bug #1411641
Answer: We understand... We dont like a lot of what they've done either. If you dont want to use Chrome check out its open source parent called Chromium. Here are our favorite links to windows version downloads for it:

Chromium for Windows
Answer: Any Chromium based browser will most likely be compatible. Contact us if you have a specific inquiry on this. We are certainly interested in supporting as much as we have bandwidth for.

Welcome Dissidents!

We are building some awesome features into FaceMask in the coming weeks. Things like encrypted images, cool post themes, and maybe even voice messages are in the near future!

Bringing FaceMask to you, especially some of the really awesome features we have planned, will require some infrastructure on our end to run things, so we're offering people that want to support the project the ability to purchase "Dissident" Memberships that will unlock special themes and features.

Basic features, like posting status updates and group posts, will remain free to all as we believe we're creating tools that can change the world and want everyone to benefit from them.

How To?

You can become a dissident from the Options page inside your FaceMask extension.

Just click the Dissident Status tab at the top and then continue from there.

Lifetime Dissident

We plan on offering all sorts of cool plans including a lifetime status in the near future.

We feel its important to finish some of the advanced features first before opening this one up to the public. So check back soon!

Special Themes

Coming soon!

Privacy Policy

Google initially banned our extension from their store because they wanted us to have a privacy policy posted even though we dont store any of your private data! So here is us telling you that! lol

FaceMask Privacy Policy

Alright... So heres the specifics...

  • The FaceMask extension stores your Private Key locally in your browser. We never send that anywhere, especially not to us, because its none of our business and its super important that you keep that safe and secret.
  • Your Public Key is sent to us with your Facebook account ID so that we can let people know how to send you a private message. Your Facebook account ID is something anyone can get just by looking at your profile (not secret) and your Public Key has to be given out anyway otherwise people will not be able to encrypt messages to you that you can read.
  • Besides your Facebook ID and Facebook name, no other Facebook data is sent to us. Its none of our business! We dont want it! None of your posts, replies, photos, likes, nothing. The whole point of this project is to give you the power to protect yourself from all the other people that want that stuff!!!
  • If we dont have it then no one can force us to give it to them! (*hint* governments / police / other immoral assholes do this daily) So we keep as little as possible for your sake and ours!
  • In the future the only types of things we may keep would be fun stuff like your XP gained for leveling up to get a cool profile image on your posts or other such nonsense. Never anything private!